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GIRIBOY / 왜 그렇게 사니

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方大同 | 巴黎

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Make your own #magnum with @baekai ♡ #melbourneemporium (at Emporium Melbourne)

“It’s a secondhand world we’re born into. What is novel to us is only so because we’re newborn, and what we cannot see, that has come before- what our parents have seen and been and done- are the hand-me-downs we begin to wear as swaddling clothes, even as we ourselves are naked. The flaw runs through us, implicating us in its imperfection even as it separates us, delivers us onto opposite sides of a chasm. It is both terribly beautiful and terribly sad, but it is, finally, the fault in the universe that gives birth to us all.”


"I’m trying to become a person who I’ve been imagining as my hero since I was very little. I also want to deliver a message of hopes and dreams to the young generation in the world. That’s why I feel responsible with the popularity that has been given to me. It would be wonderful if some meaningful messages can be delivered to many people through me. I always want to be a better person today than I was yesterday and live up to my expectations. In a sense, my career seems to be fulfilling those expectations."-T.O.P